Hilarious Candid Wedding Photography Tips in Houston, TX

How to Capture Funny Wedding Moments?

photo13Step aside traditional photographers, the candid brigade have taken over! Wedding photography in Houston, TX is no longer the pose-and-shoot routine. Weddings are happy occasions and only a candid photographer can capture the true emotion of the day. Hey, but there is no tax on experimenting, read more. Here are some incredibly fun photo ideas which you can carry out on wedding days.

Tip #1

Incorporate the pet of the bride/groom’s house. That classic shot where the bride’s hand is in the groom’s and both are showing off their wedding rings, add the paw of their dog or kitten to give it a hilarious twist. Another fun way of having the pet in the photographs is to have the couple’s pose outdoors in a loving way and have the dog hold a “Just Married” sign. Or you can have the couple click a couple of selfies. They are here to stay and might as well get one included in the photo album.

Tip #2

Have the bridesmaids pose wearing shirts which the best man is supposed to wear, with their original dresses up on the hangers behind them. Plan ahead so that it does not mess up the schedule in getting ready. Ask the bridesmaids to stand behind a full sized mirror with the bride’s image reflected in the mirror. Line up the bridesmaids and the eligible bachelors and ask them to take a picture of the couple hugging or kissing each other. Stand behind all of them and click a photo, the focus being on the mobile screens in which the image of the couple is there. Ask them bridesmaids to hold a slate with their names on it. Bride will obviously hold a bigger and fancier board with her name on it.

Tip #3

An award-winning shot for a wedding photography in Houston, TX is where all the groom’s friends are lying on the floor or the bar totally sloshed, while the bride is still up and having tequila shots. Then, you can ask the bride and groom to get pictures of their parents’ wedding framed. Let them hold those frames on their wedding days for an outdoor shoot. A classic way of merging retro with modern. Another very popular idea is to have the groom flaunt his ring to his male friends and have them swoon, just like girls do. Or you can mimic a famous movie scene or poster if it is possible with the available background settings. Or you can have the photo processed later to make it look like that poster.

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